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Bob Zany Brings The Heat!

Comedian Bob Zany calls into the studio from his new home in Las Vegas. Bob fills us in on what he’s up to during the quarantine. He then hits us with some of the funniest Coronavirus jokes you’re going to hear!MORE

Live Q&A – Ask Tom, Chick, Kristi and Josh Anything!

Enjoy this live Q&A. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We will go live through the end of next week, so make sure you’re notified when we are live. If you’ve enjoyed watching the entire show, join our VIP subscription! It has 2 months of shows available on ROKU, Apple TV, the app,…MORE

Aruba Ray Is Back!

Tom dove into some “Digital Letters” today and we had a request from a listener who wanted a visit from the one and only Aruba Ray!MORE

Air Guitar World Record

A group in Australia has set the record for “The most people playing air guitar” during a rock tribute festival. Comedian Reno Collier (Blue Collar Comedy) recalls the time when Larry The Cable Guy and himself played air guitar in front of 60,000 fans.MORE

Watch The Full Show of March 18

Subscribe to our channel in case we stream the show again. Enjoy today’s full live show thanks to B&T VIP. ​If you’re a VIP member, you can watch two months of shows on our website, app, ROKU, and Apple TV. We stream the show live every morning too.MORE

Raw Hands! with Sing-Along Lyrics!

Pat Godwin brings us a hilarious new song about the importance of washing your hands… Tom micromanages it beyond repair! Please enjoy this brand new Sing-Along!MORE

Watch Today’s Full Show!

We decided to broadcast today’s full video live on YouTube for all of our quarantined friends. Please subscribe to our channel in case we do this again!MORE

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