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Josh Arnold Heckles Pat Godwin

Pat Godwin had an unexpected heckler at his comedy show over the weekend. It was Josh Arnold! See 20 minutes more of today’s radio show tonight at 8 PM on BOB & TOM Tonight!MORE

Party In The Panty

We are joined by sexpert Dr. Sadie of Tickle Kitty and GoLove CBD Naturals brings in a new adult toy for the gang called “Party In The Panty”. This is NSFW.MORE

Josh Arnold’s Donut Hole Vid

A cute dog was photographed putting tennis balls in his mouth, so naturally, Josh Arnold wanted to recreate it with donut holes. How many can his mouth fit? #FattestThingsMORE

B&T Tonight 2-4-2020: Steven Singer Singers and Macaque’s

We are joined by Steven Singer (I Hate Steven Singer) and the Steven Singer Singers join us in the studio along with Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio. Tom shares with us the bad words his kids use, we learn about the Black-Headed Cock Chafer bug and end the show with Today In History. Enter here…MORE

I Got A Cup – Tim Cavanagh

We are joined by comedian Tim Cavanagh and the Cavanettes (Dean & Mike Mark) with his new song about one of the worst jobs you could possibly have.MORE

B&T Tonight for 1-31-2020: Maria Bamford & Jackie Kashian

Legendary comedian Maria Bamford joins us to talk odd jobs, negotiating deals and working at Sbarro. Comedian Jackie Kashian shares impressions of Maria’s mom and both women share their “online dating” experiences with some help from Maria’s other personalities.MORE

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