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Why Doesn’t Costaki Like Tom Brady?

Comedian and football commentator Costaki Economopoulos shares some jokes about what might have been the best weekend of football in history. Tom Brady got an unsportsmanlike penalty, and Costaki was happy to see it!  People are emotionally distraught over an email that Weber grills sent out and cartoon M&Ms.MORE

Which Restaurant Founder Started a Famous Girlie Magazine?

Rocky Aoki lived an amazing life. The founder of Benihana woke up from a coma to find his wife and girlfriend standing over him, is a part of the wrestling hall of fame, and launched Genesis magazine with TWO centerfolds? His children are musician Steve Aoki and model Devon Aoki. Learn more in this week’s…MORE

Ask Alli: Should I Surprise My Man?

We start with a tale of two world records. The first man in Poland has broken the world record for riding on the tallest ridable bicycle. The second man died. Jess Hooker reveals a stunning fact about Chick’s shoe collection. Alli Breen is at the back end of her apartment, and not prison, and thank…MORE

Falcon Follies

Jess Hooker sits in at the news desk and throws off the entire crew with her falcon patch. Tom then shares a story about his falcon guy.MORE

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