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    With a foundation built around comedy and talk, The Bob & Tom Show features news, sports, lifestyle content, and interviews with today’s top actors, and newsmakers. The show is also America’s leading media outlet for the best comedians on the circuit.  More than just a comedy show, Bob & Tom also feature live performances from singers, songwriters, and musicians.

    The Bob & Tom Show was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2015. The show has won five Marconi Awards, the absolute highest award in radio from the National Association of Broadcasters. The Bob & Tom Show has released over 60 comedy CD’s and DVD’s.  The show also has produced specials for Comedy Central and live comedy concerts nationwide via The Bob & Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour. The Bob & Tom Show is now heard on hundreds of radio stations from coast to coast and worldwide on the American Forces Radio Network. The program airs live weekdays from 6am-10am ET.  It began national syndication in 1995 from its station in Indianapolis. Show parodies, songs, bits, and more are produced by a large staff of writers, musicians, artists, performers, and misfits.  

                                 TOM GRISWOLD
    tom-griswold-8x10-thumbNo one on the planet has a more complicated life than Tom and it includes raising his seven children.  The staff isn’t too sure what he does in his free time because he’s always, “gotta go.”  From Cleveland, after bluffing his way through an Ivy League school and a radio stop in Florida, Tom formed the morning show which eventually came to Indianapolis leading to the show’s syndication.

    chick-mcgee-8x10-thumbBorn in London, Ohio, Chick began his broadcasting journey in West Virginia but eventually made it to The Bob & Tom Show’s flagship station in Indianapolis.  Chick, a lifelong Washington Redskins super fan, is “Your Sports Buddy.”  He is the one to put Tom in his place all while delivering the occasional rim shot.  From time to time, Chick assumes the role of the one and only Mr. Obvious. When not on air, you can find him at home with his “big sweeties,” aka his two dogs.

                                                                           KRISTI LEE

    kristi-lee-8x10-thumbKristi is the voice of reason in the room, all while delivering the day’s lifestyle and entertainment news.  A native of Indianapolis, mother of two girls and single, Kristi’s life is a non-stop roller coaster.  Add this to having to wrangle the boys in the morning from 6a-10a, her days are full and never boring.

    josh-arnold-8x10-thumbJosh is the newest addition to the cast, even though he wasn’t the first choice (just the first to one to say yes).  Josh is a single guy who’s been touring the country as a stand-up comedian for over a decade. Josh’s career in stand-up comedy was propelled by his desire to work as little as possible (up to 45 minutes a day, max), stay up late and sleep in ’til ten. Josh notes that being on The Bob & Tom morning show kinda screws up his plan, but says, he’ll work through it.  With his stand-up experience and library of incredibly bad puns, Josh fits in seamlessly.

                         The Next Generation: 

    It took a couple of decades, but Willie is proving Tom right.  He’s the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.  Appearing daily since mid-May, Willie’s chemistry with the rest of the cast has been instant, organic, and hilarious.  He brings a millennial point of view, and gives voice to listeners who are stumped by Tom’s references to 1970s prog rock and 1980s sitcoms.  

    Tom knows the secret to sonic youth is to fill a radio show with the next generation of great talent.  He might defy medical science by outliving us all, (as he tells us he will), but the brilliance of this juggernaut will continue with a young cast of characters that includes a bonafide next-gen Griswold.

    Willie Griswold, a veteran stand-up comedian, attended the Second City Conservatory, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College in Chicago, as well as a Masters Degree  from DePaul University.

    Josh Arnold was hired in 2016 as the full time replacement for legendary Bob Kevoian. Having turned 41 this summer, Josh would be ready to retire from a Hall of Fame worthy career in Major League Baseball if he had athletic talent.  Fortunately, he hasn’t picked up a bat since Little League and is now entering his prime as a comic with a Gen X attitude and sensibilities.

    The Tale of Two Jessicas 

    Jessica Hooker is a recent addition to The Bob & Tom Show. She can hang with her cast members in a fun and entertaining way. She’s no stranger to much of the audience as she was a regular on the Chick McGee podcast.  Jess also books guests because Tom would never trust Chick to do it – and she’s great at it!

    Jessica Alsman is our millennial tech geek. Whether it’s explaining Fortnite to Tom (a never-ending and fruitless process), or the latest USB microphone for home podcasting use, Jessica is right at home.  Like Jessica Hooker she is no stranger to the cast as she was found organically as the quirky, funny girl on the sales team of the local station.

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