Bohemian Queen


BOHEMIAN QUEEN will ROCK YOU with the hits of Queen, featuring multiple wardrobe changes for a full Queen experience. With special guest GIMIKK.

This show is All Ages


There are tribute bands and there are tribute bands, and not all are created equal. The best are driven not only to recreate an era but to embody it, and to capture a spirit, enticing those fans looking to relive a memory and those who missed the first time around to forget the passing of time through an authentic musical experience. 

Bohemian Queen comprises Los Angeles’s finest players and voices, coming together to bring to life a classic catalog of songs and melodies and to deliver the same level of detailed showmanship that has dazzled arenas and stadiums. Five top-tier music industry professionals with coast-to-coast resumes on a mission to be the world’s best and most passionate tribute to Queen.

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